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Do You Have a Failed Prosthesis?

Ray Fikes has 40+ years working as a prosthetist. With more than 45 patents and patent pending's . He has the engineering capability to solve your failed prosthesis. Using cutting edge technology such as 3d printers, laser scanners, and CNC machines there’s no problem that can’t be solved.

So if you are looking for that perfect fit look no further than Fikes Brace and Limb Contact us today for consultation or a video analyst. 

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Limb Salvage 

Are you considering amputation after multiple fail surgeries and braces? Hear how former limb salvage patients re-gained their mobility.

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Introducing  Swim Limbs

100% Custom Fitted for ultimate power and control . 

Pro Vivo

On our way to the first artificially intelligent prosthetic socket.

60 Years of Combined Clinical Experience